The cup of herbal tea that could help fight breast cancer:

Virgin’s Mantle – Fagonia cretica


Virgin’s Mantle – Fagonia cretica: Breast Cancer. Plant extract known as Virgin’s Mantle.

Until recently it seemed like there was no cure for breast cancer. However now it appears that a cup of herbal tea made with Virgin’s Mantle can cure breast cancer. A traditional herbal tea may hold the key to fighting breast cancer, claim scientists.

Extracts from the plant known as virgin’s mantle, which is used as a medicinal tea in some countries can kill cancerous cells. The plant-based tea is already drunk by women in rural Pakistan who have breast cancer, but until now its use as a treatment has been regarded as folklore.

A research by scientists at Aston University, Birmingham and Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley shows that this herb contains potent anti-cancer agents that act singly or in combination against the proliferation of cancer cells. Laboratory tests showed they arrested the growth of cells within five hours of application and caused them to die within 24 hours. The plant, which has the botanical name Fagonia cretica, is found in arid, desert regions of Pakistan, India, Africa and parts of Europe.

Professor Helen Griffiths and Professor Amtul R Carmichael who headed the study found herbal tea made from the extract of the plant destroys cancer cells but unlike conventional chemotherapy, treatment does not damage normal breast cells, thus reducing side effects.


Boil one teaspoon of fresh or dried Virgin’s Mantle in a cup of water .Allow to cool and drink on empty stomach in the morning .This tea should be taken every morning until tests reveal that there are no more cancerous cells. In Pakistan women drink this tea dally as a means of precaution and there are no side-ffects.

This herb is available at ayurvedic suppliers.
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